Contract Termination

  • 16 juli 2019
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I would like to terminate my contract the end of July 2019 as I am moving but am completely unable to contact Qurrent. I was promised a call back awhile ago but have not received anything on this date, it is also near impossible to get hold of anyone on the phone. Is there a way I can reach someone at Qurrent to solve this?

2 reacties

Hi @ao45613 ,

Welcome at the Community, thank you for your message!

I am sorry to hear that you've experienced difficulty in contacting us, we are usually easy to access by phone but also through e-mail or online. I am also sorry to hear that you will be leaving us but I will surely help you with the termination of the contract. Due to privacy I have sent you a personal e-mail asking for the needed information, you can simply reply to my e-mail and we will get things in order.

Kind regards,

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for the quick response here! Will continue this via email